River Lea Project

The River Lea once was a prolific barbel and chub river where you would catch dozens of fish through out the day. Unfortunately natural events have dwindled the river of fish stocks which it needs help to recover from. With the spawning grounds being over run by crayfish the spawn is unlikley to survive. The EA have stocked along with the Barbel Society in the last 2 years 1400 small barbel and 1000 chub.Which at 4-5 inches the survival rate is  very low.

My goal and aim is to build a holding/growing on pond for the species in the river to give them a better chance of survival. The pond will be fitted with pumps and a waterfall to try and reflect the natural movement of the river, the fish will be grown on until they are about 2lb in weight giving them a better chance of survival. This isnt a process that will happen over night it will take years for the barbel to reach a good size before release but if successful this will give the River Lea a massive boost for its future.  To raise funds for fish stocks we will have fundraiser events and also rely on donations aswell as putting our own money in .



If anyone would like to donate to the project it would be most appreciated every penny helps us get the lea back to the glory days .all donations please send via paypal to kingsweir@hotmail.co.uk


and send as friends and family so there isnt a charge .